By: TW Deora

TW Deora

RECENTLY,  relationship among Indonesia and Chinese tends to heat up after several times reported that Chinese’s fisherman boats which backed up by Chinese’s military vessels were stole Indonesia’s fish and other natural resources in North Natuna,  Riau Islands provinces.

Recorded earlier that Chinese’s arrogant has been making several conflicts in South China sea with Phillipines,  Vietnam, and also Taiwan. China’s attitude has shown to reflect their greedy to occupy several strategist sea zone including Natuna which formerly claimed by Chinese’s government as their territory based on their ancient maps. The claim which is not allowed and followed by an international community.

Responding Chinese’s brazen and arrogant maneuvre in North Natuna,  Indonesia’s navy and Indonesia’s airforces has been sent their military vessels and aircraft ready to combat or ready to sweep all of Chinese’s maneuvre in Natuna.  The next current situations if it does not solve,  it can make Chinese and Indonesia relationship will be harmed,  and those strategic issues can be simmered by an opposant groups in Indonesia to corner Jokowi’s administration.  If it is happen,  it will be made as “eerie phenomenon”.

Previously and obviously,  Indonesia-Chinese relationship have been coloring by several sensitive issues such as the influx of “blue colour manpowers” or unskilled manpowers from Chinese, several Chinese’s people have been catching from their illegal activities including prostitution, several vested groups in Indonesia have protested related to allegedly Chinese human rights violence to muslim’s community Uyghur in Xinjiang provinces and other an illegal Chinese’s resident movement.

For note, China is second the biggest economy and military power in the world.  China has stable and good relation with several their allies mainly Russia, North Korea and Iran also all of countries which were agreed to joint and support China’s project,  OBOR. China has have the capability to make global uncertainty through their proxy war actors and their foreign stooge who were delivered around the world including in unstable regions or countries such as Hongkong, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Taiwan,  Maldives even in Europe and the United States.

For Indonesia interest, Natuna is our territory,  but confronting with China does not make Indonesia happy and stable because for remembering we have a lot of foreign debt from China. Through diplomatic relationship,  Indonesia must send a protest to China and search the back up diplomatic from China’s opponent such as Japan,  South Korea, Europe countries, the USA and several countries which are being dispute with China on South China sea issues. Hopefully.***

The writer is an international issues observer.