By: Tony Priyono

INDONESIA Scientific Agency or LIPI’s researcher,  Dr.  Andriana Elisabeth said Papua’s freedom issue will be predicted to be common issues in Human Rights International Day which will celebrate on December 10th. Andriana’s statement is true because previously in 2018 human rights international day, several political wings of Freedom Papua Movement (OPM) such as West Papua National Committee (KNPB), United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMWP),  Free West Papua etc through their tumultuous mass ralies, which hopes by Benny Wenda, including Veronica Koman and their followers in order to Papua’s problem internationalization, even though until now their struggle have been “totally failure”.

OPM and their symphatizers have not been used human rights violence issue in Papua as their main purpose movement, because Jokowi and Ma’ruf Amin’s administration have committed to solve Papua’s problems, and we are as Indonesia’s people who are love Papua have question to OPM regarding their commitment to responsible related to their human rights violence which had been done by them to Papua’s people and others.  OPM and their supporters who are living in Papua, outside Papua including abroad do not busy to seek and politicizing human rights violence issue in Papua, because do not forget, one of crucial actors related to human rights violence in Papua is OPM too.

Recently, one of video about crucial human rights abuse which done by OPM had been circulated on social media, those video which contained 2 minutes, 13 seconds had been described about rallies to protest OPM using children as their fighters or army. Those rally which had been done in London, England, including Oxford’s resident who were rejected Oxford’s council which had given award to political fugitives likes Benny Wenda, the ULMWP’s leaders who are glamourly living in England from his maneuver to sell Papua’s issue. Those video could make one of valid evidence about OPM and Benny Wenda etc have been using “thief scream thief” practices above on completely unsolved languish and squalor from Papua’s resident.

OPM and their supporters must reality look and realize that Papua’s referendum issue is not popular, because in this current days, many Papua’s youth who are interesting and studying about our national tenet, Pancasila. Finally, we can see OPM’s anniversary day on December 1st did not support by Papua’s resident, even though in Ambon and Yogyakarta had done rally by counted OPM’s symphatizers, and  law enforcement apparatus efforts to detain OPM’s symphatizers in several places had been supported by Papua’s resident who are love Indonesia.

Indonesia’s people and especially OPM’s members should realized that human rights issues is the issued which used to destabilize situation and condition in certain country to create “uncertainty through color revolutions”. Because that, its will more better if OPM’s member back to Indonesia and together with Jokowi-Ma’ruf Amin’s administration developing Papua, and indeed the Indonesia’s government will give Papua’s special autonomy and will make it to be plus special autonomy to boost and to leverage Papua’s resident welfare levels through giving them more better quality of healthy, education and educability, enacting people’s economic and an infrastructure development.

Solving Papua’s problem does not through destructive notions such as Papua’s referendum or Papua’s self determination, but through nationality spirit and keeping pluralism including boosting Papua’s resident welfare status and conditions.

Its will more better if Papua’s youth and Papua’s resident who will reflect their lovely spirit to Indonesia through positive movement and activity likes Papua’s soccer player, Osvaldo Haay who is being top scorer at SEA Games’s football match in Philipines. Last but not least, Indonesia is Papua, and Papua is Indonesia. Do not try to separate them each others.***

The writer is Papua’s observer. Live in East Jakarta.