By: Jack Kukupessy

MANY ways have been trying the Indonesia’s government to solve Papua’s problem start from giving the authonomyous funds,  building several an infrastructure projects, until funding several students who are come from Papua and West Papua to study in several cities in Indonesia and abroad. But all of this seems like not enough to solve core problems.

The existence of separatist group such as OPM and all of their symphatizers organisation even though their numbers are small,  but with cooperating national NGO which is predicted they did not nationalism norms and values have always trying to expands,  to aggravate and to blow up Papua’s problems.

Indeed,  Indonesia’s government must use churches elites and priest or pastors who are coming from KWI and PGI to solve Papua’s problems,  because an antropology,  sociology and religious way must be tried in Papua and West Papua.

Using pastors,  priest and churches elite in Papua,  West Papua,  Mollucas,  Est Java,  North Sumatera,  Central Java,  North Sulawesi,  South Sulawesi, Riau,  Riau Islands,  Central Kalimantan,  West Java and NTT are approximately  effectively to solve Papua’s problems and the maneuvre of OPM’s political wings in several cities.

Regarding to December 1, 2019 is sunday, its will more better use by Papua’s students and Papua’s residents to come to several churched for worship activities rather than they make mass rallies to celebrate OPM’s aniversary,  because Papua’s residents must realize and understand that OPM is their comnon enemies because these illegal organisation can break Papua’s common next hopes.  Hopefully.***

The writer is Papua and Mollucas observer.