By Bayu Wauran and TW Deora

TW Deora

Next week,  there are two moments will take public attention.  First,  the anniversary of Freedom Papua Movement or knowm as OPM on December 1, 2019 and 212 Alumi Brotherhood mass gathering or reuni on December 2, 2019. Through on social media and an internal media which they have,  both OPM and 212 are spreading and campaigning which they hope it can enacht mass participation on their monents. Public fathom if OPM and 212 events until now did not success to influence “floating mass” to follow their want.

For example, Free West Papua one of OPM’s political wings in London,  England have tried promoting “global flag raising” on December 1,2019 around the world.  But,  until today,  we can see that their propaganda did not follow or accept in any countries. Those facts are shown that their existence in several countries such as England, Germany,  Nederland,  Australia, PNG,  Vanuatu and others South Pasific countries are going to slowdown and did not have truly grit. OPM and several organizations as their followers or symphatizers are just “tilt people organization”.

Public around the world and Indonesia’s close friend countries have believe in to Indonesia’s government rather than OPM. During President Megawati era,  central government have transfered special autonomyous funds to Papua and West Papua for using to leveraging education,  health, people’s economic wheels and an infrastructure. But until now,  education and  health are still below the target and Papua’s manpowers are always to compete which others provinces manpowers. Central government through Home Affairs Ministry has made several evaluation on “special autonomyous funds” in 2003, 2008, 2011, 2013 and 2018. Several pundits have given their opinion that special autonomyous for Papua and West Papua are failed and its just make local elite and high rank political elite in Papua as the “profit takers” on it.

Meanwhile,  if we talk about OPM,  we understand if these separatist group still has capability to launch deadly attacks, and it gives their members are stil believe in on what their struggling. Indeed, OPM and Papuan resident have gulibled by Benny Wenda,  political fugitive and politician inferno who had made assymetric problems in Papua.  Actually,  Benny Wenda does not has truly followers in Papua because Wenda using Papua’s issue as the way to get politic and economic benefit for himself.

Meantime,  if we are discusing and evaluating related to 212 alumni brotherhood or known as PA 212, inevitably we must say that those organisation does not has legal standing as legal mass organisation and PA 212 does not reflect all of muslim communities in Indonesia because mainstream muslim communities in Indonesia are moderate.

However, the plan of PA 212 reuni is political movement and these moments have several issue to aggravate it such as polemic of Fachrul Razi’s and Sukmawati’s statement including Ahok’s issue as state enterprises commisioner candidate. But,  mostly people of Indonesia especially muslim is predicted they do not attend on PA 212 reuni moment including Papua’s resident is predicted too they do not come to OPM’s anniversary invitation.***